Coralie, Karl and Ayla Cross

“We initially  moved Ayla to Mt Wellies due to some concerns with her previous daycare provider We were not sure if we had made the right decision, but after a few weeks at Mt Wellies we knew that we made the right choice.

Not only was the Centre accommodating to fit our work schedules in order to get Ayla settled into her new environment, the team were friendly, caring and passionate in supporting us and our little girl.Very shortly into her time at Mt Wellies Ayla’s we noticed a marked increase in her speech capabilities and confidence in what she was saying, and we credit this to the Mt Wellies team.

I would also like to say a big thank you to everyone for your support while Ayla had a full leg cast, not only did you allow us to come in and continue to play and learn when she was unable to walk, you have enabled her to continue to come to daycare and learn, grow and interact when she was able to move again.So a HUGE thanks to  everyone at Mt Wellies.”