Brief info

Hi! My name is Olivia, and I have recently returned to Auckland to be closer with family and start my career in early childhood education. During my time in Wellington, I completed the level 4 ECE certificate and a practicum at a smaller early learning centre that had a similar philosophy to Mt Wellies. I believe that play, exploration, and curiosity enable children to learn both independently and collaboratively with their peers. Nature and animals are two things I love to involve in activities as we are fortunate enough here in Aotearoa to be exposed to them daily. My mum has a farm in Northland, and I find so much peace up there being near the ocean and forestry whilst having my best animal friends right beside me. Life is all about learning from mistakes, enjoying the simple things and building healthy relationships with ourselves and others. Involving these values in my teaching is what I strive to do and having a positive impact on a child’s life is the reason why early childhood education is my passion.