Welcome to Mt Wellies ELC Limited!

We are a unique, natural and homely Early Childhood Centre in the heart of Mt Wellington. We are a purpose built Centre and have three different classrooms for children aged 3 months to 6 years – right through to when they are ready to go to primary school. We are a very diverse whanau here at Mt Wellies and we pride ourselves on celebrating children’s uniqueness, culture and identity. Each and every child is loved and cared for as if they were our own. For us, the relationship we have with our children is the foundation for all other learning. When our children feel safe and secure, they are able to unfold naturally as learners and express themselves openly and creatively. At Mt Wellies, we implement a Primary Caregiving process across the Centre which supports our children to build a sense of security with their teachers and whanau. Through a culture of kindness, our children have a strengthened sense of belonging where they are free to explore, experiment and engage in a range of play experiences that support their Kaupapa Maori learning dispositions that are inherent within them as beings. Give us a call, flick us an email or pop in to visit us to learn more about what makes us unique!

Points of Difference

At Mt Wellies children are the heart of the matter.This means that we cater specifically for each individual age group and each individual child and their varying needs:
For our younger children, we provide primary caregiving. We have a key teacher who will provide all the care moments for your child including bottle feeding, nappy changing and supporting them at sleep times. Your child has their own cot in our lovely spacious sleep room, and throughout the day we follow their individual routine. While for younger children these care times are critical for their wellbeing, we also provide them with fun, interactive learning opportunities that support their brain development and understanding of the world.
For our toddlers, we have a routine based around their eating and sleeping. This provides them with consistency and familiarity which helps them settle into each day. Throughout the day we have a range of activities and ideas based around their interests, and their developmental and dispositional needs. The toddler stage is a very busy time where children are developing their communication skills, testing boundaries and growing into their fabulous personalities. By providing them with an environment designed around their needs, where they can become active explorers, work and learn alongside their peers and be supported by our kind and experienced educators we see tremendous growth in their language, physical abilities, understanding and problem solving ability, as well as the ability to relate to others.
For our 3 and 4 year olds we have a beautiful room with a wide range of interesting and challenging resources for them to explore. Once a week we have sandwich day, where our children are supported to make their own sandwiches. This encourages them to make their own choices, develops their hand, eye co-ordination, concentration and independency. We have experienced educators who work alongside the children and their families and whanau to support the ongoing development of their child. At this age group, most children are toilet trained, are continuing to develop their verbal communication skills, and are supported to actively problem solve, work with their peers, share, become increasingly independent and take an active interest in the world around them. At this age the literacy and numeracy which has been weaved throughout the programme becomes more formalised in a focused phonics literacy programme. This supports the learning of numbers and letters, their sounds, how they are written and much more. This is taught in a fun, engaging way each day to support our children in developing a good understanding of numeracy and literacy before they enter primary school.
Each child at Mt Wellies has an individual development plan based on their specific needs, interests and dispositions. They are also involved in group project work which is based on the groups collective interests. Parents see and hear about their children’s learning each day at pick up time where they receive feedback from their child’s teacher as well as their children. Parents also receive monthly learning stories which highlight some of the key learning happenings based on the plan that has been developed for their child. This is received electronically via an online system called Story Park.

Our Activities

What we offer at Mt Wellies

Individualised learning programme

Individualised learning programme based specifically on your child’s needs. At Mt Wellies each child has an individual development plan created, which is based on their specific age, needs, interests and dispositions.

Fabulous home cooked meals

Fabulous home cooked meals prepared fresh each day by our wonderful chef Holly. Food is included in the fees. We follow a healthy menu that includes all food types with each day introducing different tastes and textures for our youngsters.

Focused Literacy Programme

Focused Literacy Programme for pre-schoolers to prepare them for school. Our literacy programme is a phonics based course that teaches children the letters, the letter sounds, how to form the letters, the correct pencil grip and much more.

Excursions & Celebrations

New Zealand has such a rich multicultural environment and we love celebrating the multitude of cultures that makes up our country. These events allow us to learn and share knowledge of each other, the values and beliefs that make up that culture.

Our Classes

Mamaku Room

Mamaku is our Infants & Toddler Room. Mamaku is a native tree fern that over time grows tall and strong. It needs to be looked after with lots of water and evenly spread soil. Just like our infants and toddlers…

Pohutakawa Room

Pohutakawa is our Toddler’s Room. The pohutakawa is NZ’s Christmas tree which flowers during the summer months This reminds us of the toddler age group with our fabulous children’s personalities...

Rata Room

Rata is our Preschooler’s Room. This room is called Rata because the Rata tree grows straight and strong. The Rata room is our largest room designed to support children to become independent learners, confident in who they are. Just...