Our Mamaku room is for our babes who are 3months – 2 years old. Mamaku is a NZ native fern tree that over time grows tall and strong. Lots of love, kindness and care goes into the growth of the Mamaku, as well as for our babes in the Mamaku room.
Age Group - 3 Months to 2 Year olds
Our Pohutukawa room is for our children aged 2 – 3.5 years. The NZ Pohutukawa tree is dynamic, bright, and strong. This reminds us of our incredible toddlers! Our Pohutukawa room is full of adventure, movement and building strong relationships.
Age Group - 2 to 3.5 year olds
Our Rata room is for children aged 3.5 – 6 years. The NZ Rata tree is tall, strong and independent – just like our pre-schoolers! We support our children to make positive choices, engage in a resource rich environment where they can develop the skills needed to tackle their many adventures ahead.
Age Group - 3.5 to 6 year olds