Mamaku Room

Mamaku is our Infants & Toddler Room.

Mamaku is a native tree fern that over time grows tall and strong.  It needs to be looked after with lots of water and evenly spread soil.  Just like our infants and toddlers who are so vulnerable at this age that they need tender, loving care with all their key moments cherished and looked after.

At Mt Wellies we provide primary care giving to our infants so that key teachers look after their every need.  As they grow and develop their independence they are then supported by the whole teaching team.

  • Positive learning environment for your child
  • Spacious sleep room with their own cot ready for rest and rejuvenation
  • Safe, secure and loving environment
  •  lovely indoor outdoor flow to their own private playground
Age Group : 3 Months to 2 Year olds
Timings 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Class Start



Individualised learning programme based specifically on your child’s needs. At Mt Wellies each child has an individual development plan created, which is based on their specific age, needs, interests and dispositions.


Focused Literacy Programme

Focused Literacy Programme for pre-schoolers to prepare them for school. Our literacy programme is a phonics based course that teaches children the letters, the letter sounds, how to form the letters, the correct pencil grip and much more.


Fabulous home cooked meals

Fabulous home cooked meals prepared fresh each day by our wonderful chef Holly. Food is included in the fees. We follow a healthy menu that includes all food types with each day introducing different tastes and textures for our youngsters.


Yoga classes

Yoga classes for our pre-schoolers to develop children’s physical and mental abilities. For busy children it is important to teach them mindfulness - to focus and live in the moment. They are also learning the different parts of their bodies and how to gain control over their bodies.


Pick up & Drop off Bus service

This is something that Mt Wellies is considering offering to our community. If you would like to have your child picked up and dropped off, please let us know.


Excursions & Celebrations

New Zealand has such a rich multicultural environment and we love celebrating the multitude of cultures that makes up our country. These events allow us to learn and share knowledge of each other, the values and beliefs that make up that culture.